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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0112999865018

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Image Size: 9.125”x7.75”



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About this item

Every moment you spend at your computer can be a reminder of your favorite memories with a personalized Collage Photo Mousepad. Perfect for home, office or gifting! Composed out of high-density black foam to ensure easy movement and long-lasting durability. The interwoven cloth cover used over the foam is stain-resistant so that it stays looking new and keeps your photos preserved for years to come. Background color and text can be added and customized. Collage Photo Mousepad measures 9.125×7.75.

Collage Mouse Pad:

  • Made with high-density black foam and a tough, stain-resistant interwoven cloth cover
  • Collage Photo Mousepad lets you choose from many different background colors
  • The collage mouse pad measures 9.125×7.75