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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0113000208828

About this item

Showcase your favorite photos in style with the 5″ × 7″ Collage High-Gloss Desk Photo Frame. This photo frame lets you collect some of your favorite treasured memories to sit on your desk. It allows you to choose up to 30 of them and put them all in one personalized photo collage for an attractive, organized display and ease of access. You’ll be able to enjoy a whole series of photos epitomizing a particular event or time period or collection or people. Chosen photos are transferred to the wooden panel, with each color rendered separately for a stunning effect. The photo panel comes with a UV-resistant scratch-free coating so the images remain fresh without fading. Measuring 5″ × 7″, This personalized photo collage measures 5" by 7" and allows ample room to depict a person, an event or even random memories. The personalized collage frame has an easel that allows you to showcase the images like a conventional frame. You can also choose from 20 distinct border colors.

Convertible 5×7 High Gloss Collage Desk Panel:

  • Personalize with up to 15 photos
  • Transfers your photos onto the wood panel
  • Each color is transferred separately for a stunning effect
  • Panel is coated with a UV-resistant, scratch-free surface that protects your photo and gives it a brilliant glossy finish
  • Easel on back allows you to display your collage photo panel like a traditional frame
  • Choose from over 20 different border colors
  • 5″ × 7″ collage photo frame