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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0469953856170

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About this item

The Collage Fleece Blanket provides a large area for displaying an array of your favorite photos. It serves as an attractive memento to be draped over the back of a sofa, providing both images of loved ones or favorite moments, as well as warmth and comfort. Soft and plush, this photo collage blanket is a snug way to stay cozy on cold days at home. There are multiple templates to choose from, allowing you to choose photos of various sizes and arrange them in the way you prefer. There can be as many as 30 photos on a single blanket, letting you have a place for a large number of different pictures. You can also choose from a range of background colors and from 20 different borders, completing the look of this personalized photo blanket and making it truly your own. There is also the option of adding a title. It is easy to create a blanket that matches with your home’s decor.

60×80 Collage Plush Fleece Blanket:

  • Soft, plush fleece
  • Add up to 30 photos, additional text and your choice of background color
  •  Machine wash cold
  • Back is solid cream color
  • 1" hem on all sides
  • Weight:1.95 lbs