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UPC: 0469277192007

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About this item

Wrap yourself up with the beautifully crafted keepsake Photo Woven Throw Blanket. This woven photo blanket will not only keep you comfortable and cozy, but also remind you of the moments that warm your heart. You can customize it with your favorite photo. The heirloom quality Photo Throw Blanket will also work beautifully on your couch or displayed on the wall. To avoid blurs and distortions, it is best to upload a picture with a minimum resolution of 2400 × 2000 pixels. An ideal touch to your home’s decor, this personalized photo blanket is made out of a pure cotton blend, which makes it easy to clean and ensures lasting use for years.

60×80 Photo Woven Throw:

  • Measures 60?×80?
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Personalize with your favorite photo – for best results, we recommend a minimum image resolution of 3200×2000 pixels
  • Machine washable