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Lovely Succulents

UPC: 0112999864986

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About this item

Get creative with your invitations and announcements and make your own personalized greeting cards. Choose from single or multiple 5×7 or 4×8 photo greeting cards in styles to suit a variety of holidays and occasions. The printed photo cards are fully customizable for every occasion such as New Year’s, Christmas, or birthdays. You can choose from an assortment of templates and add your personal touch by including photographs. As these personalized greeting cards are printed on fine stationery, you can even include hand-written messages.

4×8 Greeting Card, Glossy, Printed Envelope:

  • Available for 1 Hour pickup in Matte paper type
  • Get creative with your invitations and announcements
  • Stationery cards
  • Printed on fine stationery paper, they’re perfect for hand-written messages