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Your favorite photos can be reproduced into decorative wall art. New or old photos can be repurposed, but high-resolution photos will turn out clearer.

Color: Select colorful photos if you want to add color to your room or wall space. Use black-and-white photos for a vintage look or for monochromatic decorating.

Texture: If you want to add texture to the decor, consider the metal, wood panels, or corkboard designs. You can hang a photo tapestry over a sofa or doorway for texture and to fill a blank space.

Single or Gallery: To create a wall centerpiece, use a single photo to draw attention. Or, if you have a collection of photos to use, make a gallery on canvas or a large poster.

Boxed-up photos or photos tucked away in a photo album can be forgotten. Using them as wall art puts the memories to use.